Wolfgang Frank - Musiker - Sänger - Gitarrist - Bandleader - Songwriter

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Facebook News


.....die Wintersaison 2018/2019 ist Geschichte ....war eine lange harte aber Mega Saison ..danke an alle die mit dabei waren ☘️☘️☘️...see you 😎🎤🎸☘️


..... thanks to all my fans and cracy crowd who were in the Cottage in Lech every Thursday THX ☘️🎤❤️🎸😀....see you 😀 👍...Sascha for the Pics ☘️


I wanna say thank you and good bye to all my fans, the whole staff and the cracy crowd😎 ...and looking foreward to my last performance in this season in the Cottage ....hope to see you all......🎸🎤☘️


.......working on a summer Song 🎤🎸☘️ Colosseum Sound Factory.


.....last Performance with my Band for this Winter Season 😀😀we are looking foreward to see you all 🎤🎸🥃☘️